At 15 Years Old, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP Still May Reign Supreme

The problem with an incredible work is often following it up. In Hip-Hop, for every Doggystyle, there's a Doggfather, for every Black Album, there's a Kingdom Come, and for every Stankonia, there's well,...wonder. Although he had been plugging away in Hip-Hop starting in the mid-1990s, Eminem skyrocketed to fame in... Read more

Kendrick Lamar – Rap-Up TV Interview (Video) and Let Us Move On (Audio)

Dido is best known in hip-hop circles for the haunting track that Eminem sampled on Stan. She's back with a new song that features none other than the good kid Kendrick Lamar. Check out the song, Let Us Move On, as well as an interview of Kendrick by Rap-Up TV... Read more