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Dear Slim…The Word “Stan” Is Now In The Merriam Webster Dictionary

Nearly 20 years ago, Eminem introduced millions to one of music's most legendary fictional characters. The Dido-featuring song "Stan," co-produced by 45 King and Em' depicted a fan writing a series of letters to the rapidly-rising Rap superstar. In an equally famous music video, the character of "Stan" was played... Read more

At 15 Years Old, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP Still May Reign Supreme

The problem with an incredible work is often following it up. In Hip-Hop, for every Doggystyle, there's a Doggfather, for every Black Album, there's a Kingdom Come, and for every Stankonia, there's well,...wonder. Although he had been plugging away in Hip-Hop starting in the mid-1990s, Eminem skyrocketed to fame in... Read more

Kendrick Lamar – Rap-Up TV Interview (Video) and Let Us Move On (Audio)

Dido is best known in hip-hop circles for the haunting track that Eminem sampled on Stan. She's back with a new song that features none other than the good kid Kendrick Lamar. Check out the song, Let Us Move On, as well as an interview of Kendrick by Rap-Up TV... Read more