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Schoolly D Remembers “P.S.K.” By Clarifying What Gangsta Rap Really Means (Video)

In 1985 Schoolly D released "P.S.K. What Does It Mean?" on his own label. From West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the record's acronym stood for his neighborhood crew: Park Side Killaz. To many Rap historians, the self-produced 12" (later included on Schoolly's self-titled full-length debut) marks the first Gangsta Rap record. With... Read more

Official Schoolly D & DJ Code Money T-Shirts Released

Rakim Told Me author/Hip-Hop curator Brian Coleman is a friend of AmbrosiaForHeads. The Boston-based veteran journalist recently launched Good Road Goods—a shirt line that includes vintage fully-licensed photographs that are important to Coleman. His most recent included Philadelphia icon, Godfather of Gangsta Rap Schoolly D and his celebrated DJ Code... Read more