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AZ Releases A Mixtape Of Freestyles & Guest Appearances To Remind His Legacy Is Strong

It may seem like the nearly decade-long wait for AZ's Doe Or Die 2 has lasted forever. However, the East New York MC has been putting out some appetizers to hold fans over for the main course, and he has done so on a consistent basis. Earlier this month, Ambrosia... Read more

AZ Spits Hot Fire On A Red Hot Mix To “Starboy,” Just In Time For The Weeknd (Audio)

It's been 8 years since AZ released an album, and in that time, his output has been extremely scarce. In fact, over the last couple of years, the Brooklyn MC has only released a handful of songs, and they typically are care of DJs who coax him into blessing their... Read more

DJ Doo Wop Takes Everybody Back To School With Another Great Mix (Audio)

DJ Doo Wop marks the Back to School season with the second installment of his Coolout series. Within, Doo Wop goes free form with the New York City Hip-Hop he helped distribute and bring awareness throughout the '90s and early 2000s. Doo Wop touches a lot of hits from the... Read more

DJ Doo Wop Releases Mixtapes Not Dead Pt. 2: This is Anarchy (Mixtape)

DJ Doo Wop has released part 2 of his Mixtapes Not Dead series. Like the first installment, this is primarily a compilation of recent releases from the likes of Rah Digga, M.O.P., Scarface, Cormega, Redman, Action Bronson, Cam'ron, Raekwon, Lil Kim and more. There are also choice exclusives like AZ's... Read more

AZ & DJ Doo Wop Make An Homage To The Late ’70s Hip-Hop Park Jams (Audio)

Two New Yorkers who thrived in the 1995-era were AZ and DJ Doo Wop. Tha Visualiza and The Bouncemaster both provided a brand of Hip-Hop, heavy on substance and presentation. Nineteen years later, the pair links for Doo Wop to drop the needle on some breaks from the likes of... Read more

DJ Doo Wop Doesn’t Trick Us But Instead Gives Us Treats With Halloween Candy (Mixtape)

DJ Doo Wop is among the most influential 1990s mixtape-makers in the world. This Uptown representative made mixtapes a Rap commodity, and became one of the early mixmasters to work directly with artists and labels to secure exclusive content. "Da Bouncemaster" remains strong in 2013, after years working with Flip... Read more