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From Jay-Z To Ghostface, The Rub Touches Everything That Made 2000 To 2010 So Great (Mix)

Today (April 25), duo The Rub (DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres) release Oodles Of OOs. The Brooklyn, New York-based unit's latest highly-curated mix pays tribute to Hip-Hop and R&B music from 2000-2010. Ranging from Lil Jon to JayLib, this 57 minute master-mix features blending, scratching, and very engaging turntablism. Elsewhere... Read more

Need Some 80’s R&B? This Mix Will Rub You the Right Way (Audio)

The DJ collective The Rub (DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres) have been rocking parties in NYC and all over the world for years. Known for their incredibly painstaking series of mixes of the best Hip-Hop year-by-year from 1979 - 2009, they also throw down something heavy with R&B classics. Their... Read more

M.O.P. – Get Yours & DJ Eleven’s Fight Music – The Best of M.O.P. (Mixtape)

M.O.P. always goes hard. Their new song Get Yours is no exception. Check it out. Also, if you need some more M.O.P. in your life, you can listen to and download DJ Eleven's Fight Music - The Best of M.O.P. below. Here's DJ Eleven's Fight Music - The Best of... Read more