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After Being Re-Captured In Mexico, Is El Chapo On His Way To The U.S.? (Video)

Possibly the world's most notorious wanted man, Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo, has been arrested and will likely face extradition charges by the United States. Born Joaquín Archivaldo Guzman Leora, El Chapo (Spanish for "the short one") took on Pablo Escobar-esque notoriety in 2015 after escaping from prison for the... Read more

A Documentary Uncovers the Man Behind the Inspiration of the Game’s ‘El Chapo’ (Video)

With just two days until the Game's The Documentary 2 arrives in the form of Disc One, the excitement is at a fever pitch. A slew of leaked songs, promotional singles, and news of the double album's track list have made this one of the most highly anticipated projects of... Read more

The Game’s Flow is Anything But Short on ‘El Chapo’ (Audio)

Translated as "small in stature" in English, the words "el chapo" conjure up an image of a swaggering Mexican drug lord rather than a diminutive personality, and for good reason. Earlier this year, the real-life El Chapo - a longtime kingpin in the world of Latin American cartels born Joaquín... Read more