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Chuck Inglish Is in Cool Kid Form on Keith Sweat (Video)

Taking a page out of A$AP Ferg's book, Chuck Inglish releases a song titled after a back in the day star that has absolutely nothing to do with the song's subject. That doesn't matter though. "Keith Sweat" has enough Cool Kid boom bap to get your head nodding no matter... Read more

After Days of Speculation About Their Altercation, Jay Z , Solange & Beyonce Issue a Statement

The Internet and rumor mill have been ablaze since the now infamous footage of Solange's attack on Jay Z was released. After days of speculation, Jay, Solange and Beyonce have released a joint statement addressing the incident, which you can read in full below. As we said, every family has... Read more

Solange Knowles Attacks Jay Z in an Elevator and It’s Caught on Film (Video)

UPDATED: With the full unedited video and a statement from The Standard Hotel. TMZ has leaked footage from a surveillance camera in an elevator which caught Solange Knowles physically attacking Jay Z multiple times, as Beyonce stood by. It is unclear what prompted the heated confrontation that occurred after a... Read more