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Elzhi Reunites With Elmatic’s Band To Bring Some Serious Knowledge (Audio)

Between 2008's Black Milk-produced The Preface and last year's celebrated Lead Poison album, Elzhi made a conceptual mixtape that stood as tall as any during those eight years. Elmatic paid tribute to Nas, and his Illmatic, with El' making himself comfortable in homages to the lyrics, while reworking them for... Read more

Ambrosia For Heads’ 2011 Best Hip-Hop Albums/Mixtapes of the Year: Here’s a look at our picks for the best of the best in 2011. You’ll find words on each as well as samples of the music. Tell us your picks for 2011.

It's that time of year again, when you're hit with a ton of year end, best of lists. We're going to keep it simple. We have 2 lists: best hip-hop albums/mixtapes of the year and songs of the year. First up, here are our picks for the best hip-hop albums/mixtapes... Read more

ElzHi – Out Da Box TV Interview (Video)

Here's a very well done interview of ElzHi by Out Da Box TV. He discusses ElMatic, Slum Village, his early hip-hop influences and more. Check it out. Click here to listen to and download ElMatic, his mind-blowing retake on Illmatic. Read more

DJ Premier Listens to ElMatic’s Remakes of His Tracks from Illmatic (Video)

Here's a really dope interview of DJ Premier where he listens to and discusses ElzHi's ElMatic tracks that were recreations of the tracks DJ Premier produced for Illmatic (New York State of Mind, Represent and Memory Lane).  In addition to giving his thoughts on the ElMatic tracks, Primo gives some... Read more

ElZhi – Interview (Video)

Here's a cool interview of ElZhi. He discusses ElMatic and J. Dilla, among other things. It's nicely shot, as well. Check it out. And, if you don't have ElMatic, click here to download one of the best rap albums of the year, so far. Read more

Elzhi – Footage of a performance of ElMatic in Toronto (Video)

As you probably know, Elzhi put out one of the dopest projects released so far this year.  If you have not yet heard his Elmatic mixtape, where he remade Illmatic in its entirety with new verses, please download it as fast as possible here.  Below is some footage of a... Read more

eLZhi’s ELmatic mixtape was easily one of the best of the year.

Check out his video for It Ain't Hard to Tell.   And, if you're not up on Elzhi's mixtape yet, do yourself a favor and click here to download it. Read more

Last week Elzhi dropped his incredible tribute to Nas’ Illmatic. Here’s a cool video that tells how it went down.

Check it out. If you haven't downloaded ELmatic yet, click here.  It's a monster.... Read more

Would you believe it to be possible to have someone remake Illmatic and have it be INCREDIBLE?

That's exactly what Elzhi has done with ELmatic.  Let's be clear.  Illmatic is a one of a kind classic.  BUT, Elzhi has written new rhymes for the songs and producer Will Sessions has updated the tracks, often with live instruments, and it is shockingly good (especially since I was fully... Read more