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Lord Jamar Recites Eminem’s Diss Of Him & Suspects It Has Racial Overtones (Video)

There are many targets on Eminem's recently-released Kamikaze album. One of the people that Marshall Mathers calls out by name is Lord Jamar. Over nineteen years ago Em ran and worked in the same circles as Sadat X back on Soundbombing 2. However, in 2018, he appears to be at... Read more

Eminem Brings Back Slim Shady In The Video For His Joe Budden Diss

Eminem's decision to release a surprise album has placed him on Hip-Hop's center stage in ways fit for a Rap God. Kamikaze arrived on August 31 with no roll-out but its reception has been deafening, largely thanks to the Detroit MC's decision to use it as a means of addressing his critics.... Read more

Ever Sing in the Shower? Maybe Not Like This…Denitia & Sene Make an Amazing Video (Video)

Denitia and Sene have made an elegant and amazing video for their song trip.fall. They take the simple act of singing in the shower and turn it into art. Check out the video. Related: Denitia & Sene Show What It Means To Be A Casanova (Video)... Read more