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Amy Winehouse’s Found Demo Showcases How Much Soul She Had At 17 (Audio)

When Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27, the music community was shaken to its core after losing one of its boldest vocalists. Early in her short-lived career, the beehive-haired British singer's musical hybrid of R&B, Jazz, retro-Soul and Hip-Hop on her 2003 debut albumĀ Frank gained... Read more

KRS-One Salutes His City and the Pioneers of Hip-Hop (Audio)

KRS-One and Frank Sinatra? Why not? The Blastmaster makes a tribute to his city and the pioneers of Hip-Hop on NY, NY. Check it out. Related: KRS-One Does Not Want You to Miss 1 Word of This True School Rap (Video)... Read more