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The 1st Peak At The Trayvon Martin Film Is A Powerful Look At The Movement He Launched

JAY-Z is in the midst of promoting his joint album EVERYTHING IS LOVE with his wife Beyoncé. The couple is currently on their On The Run 2 Tour this summer. However, at the same time, the legendary Brooklyn, New York MC is continuing his political initiatives to spread awareness of... Read more

Eminem For President. A New Freestyle Leaves No Debate (Audio)

In the late 1990s, Eminem made an incredible entrance to mainstream Hip-Hop through showing the world—especially pop culture the humor and the error in itself. The Detroit, Michigan MC has since gone on to release diamond certified albums, win Grammy Awards, and become one of the most impactful rappers of... Read more

Shut ‘Em Down: DMX & George Zimmerman Boxing Match Canceled After Protest

Last week, it was announced that acquitted murderer George Zimmerman would battle rapper/actor DMX in the boxing ring for a three-round, refereed fight. X immediately hyped the event, forecasting that he would not only beat up the former Florida resident, but would urinate on the man responsible for the death... Read more

Deeper Than Rap: How George Zimmerman is Using DMX to Boost His Image & Defile Hip-Hop.

It was easy to get caught up in the raw emotion when it was announced DMX would be fighting George Zimmerman in a 3-round "boxing" match. Stepping back, however, if this "fight" takes place, it will be a travesty on many levels. Not only will it make a mockery of... Read more

DMX Will Fight George Zimmerman. Which of X’s Album Titles Best Applies to the Future Beating (Video)

In a story far too bizarre to be fiction, DMX has been chosen to square off against George Zimmerman in a 3-round "boxing" match. According to TMZ, however, DMX plans to go more UFC than WBA: "DMX promised to massacre Zimmerman in the ring if he got the chance. To... Read more