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Dave East & Nas Aren’t Just Running Together, They Overlap In Narratives… (Audio)

Dave East is one of the newer artists to join Nas' Mass Appeal Records family. The Spanish Harlem, New York MC may have serious buzz right now, but that clearly is not the only reason he's running with Nasir Jones. The "NY State Of Mind Freestyle (East Mix)" takes Dave's... Read more

Large Professor Details His Role in Bringing Nas to the World on In the Scrolls (Video)

Though Large Professor brought the world Main Source, his solo works and countless classic productions for others, his greatest contribution likely will always be considered his role in bringing Nas to the world. As Heads know, Large Pro was one of the first to put Nasir Jones on a high... Read more

Fabolous Takes On Another Nas Classic And Smashes It (Audio)

After rhyming over It Was Written's "Black Girl Lost," Fabolous re-ups his 90s freestyles series with another Nas classic. This time, he takes on the Pete Rock-produced Illmatic staple, "The World Is Yours." Updating the track with up to the minute references like Derrick Rose's now infamous stoic pose (as... Read more

Marley Marl Remembers Giving Nas Some Key Demo Pointers, Talks Sample Revenue Loophole (Video)

Marley Marl might just be Hip-Hop's greatest producer. The Queens, New York legend is not easily accessible these days, so when he appeared in Tokyo, Japan before a live, engaged audience, it's "kind of like a big deal." Red Bull Music Academy/ego trip!'s "Chairman" Jeff Mao sat down with the... Read more

Pete Rock Salutes Nas & The Album He Worked On With Time Is Illmatic (Mixtape)

Back in 1994, Pete Rock notably contributed to the would-be classic debut album, Illmatic, by Nas. The Mount Vernon, New Yorker, who was fully entrenched in a highly-successful career with Pete Rock & CL Smooth stepped aside (with Large Professor, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, and L.E.S) to give some of his... Read more

Nas Discovers His Third Great Grandmother: Pocahontas

Like Erykah Badu before him, Nas inks up his time slot on PBS' television series, Finding Your Roots, in which the New York born artist traces back his family lineage far beyond the reaches of his own personal discoveries. The host of the show and Harvard professor, Dr. Henry Louis... Read more

20 Years After Illmatic, Represent Gets Official (Video)

Just one day removed from Mass Appeal's release of the behind-the-scenes footage, Nas unveils the first ever official music video for the 20th anniversary Illmatic release, "Represent." The video itself is representative of the 20 years that have passed since his debut album release, utilizing old footage of a much... Read more

Celebrate Illmatic Again With A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Making of Visuals for Nas’ Represent (Video)

The 20 year anniversary celebration of Nas' Illmatic continues. In addition to the release, Nas has held a contest to choose one lucky fan to collaborate and produce an official music video for his cut, "Represent." Mass Appeal takes you to the set of the music video shoot at YouTube... Read more

The O.G. Turntablist/Producer DJ Scratch Remixes Nas’ It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Audio)

Back in 1994, DJ Scratch was relatively quiet. Transitioning from his run as EPMD's DJ, the New Yorker was gearing up to work closely with Busta Rhymes on establishing a sound for the Leaders Of The New School front-man's next wave, Flipmode Squad. Heads in '94 did hear Scratch however,... Read more

The Celebration Of Illmatic Is Far From Over! Charlie Rose Gets Deep With Nas (Video)

While Nas is among Hip-Hop's most introspective MCs of all time, Heads know that Nas interviews are not always on the same level. While artists like 50 Cent, Tupac, and KRS-One have never struggled to open up for interviews at all outlets, the Queensbridge superstar (much like his formal Brooklyn,... Read more

Close Out The Nas’ Illmatic Celebrations With DJ Moneyshot’s Amazing Sample-Sourced Mega Mix (Mixtape)

In one week, it'll be May, and much of the April coverage celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of Hip-Hop's hallmarks, Nas' Illmatic, will seem out of vogue, or passé, while other things are highlighted. Before the calendars change, Solid Steel's DJ Moneyshot, who has previously re-considered and extensively examined... Read more

Nas Discusses His First Trip to the Studio in 1989 (Video)

Here's a look at a 20-year old Nas (1994) discussing his first trip to the recording studio in 1989, with his pops, Olu Dara. He also speaks on meeting Large Professor and MC Serch, and the impact they had on his career. The celebration of 20 years of Illmatic continues...Check... Read more

Here’s Footage from 1994 of Nas, Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Premier & Large Professor Discussing Illmatic (Video)

Remember that iconic shot of Nas, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, Pete Rock and Large Professor in the studio together? Here's footage from that day, as well as each discussing the making of Illmatic in 1994. Check out these historic visuals as we celebrate today's 20th anniversary of the release of Illmatic.... Read more

Here Are Words From Nas During the Illmatic Era, Raw and Uncut (Video)

Today (4/19) is the 20th anniversary of the release of Nas' Illmatic. As part of our celebration of this landmark date for Hip-Hop, here's an amazing extended look at Nas in the Illmatic era. In this candid interview, young Nas talks about the Hip-Hop legacy of Queensbridge, how he connected... Read more

Take A Trip To Queensbridge With Nas’ Brother Jungle, Who Talks Illmatic Cover & Ill Will (Video)

From the original Illmatic release by Nas to this week's Illmatic XX retrospective, the artist is forever tied to the Queensbridge Houses that inspired much of the album. VIBE goes into QB (something that many media outlets might not be so keen on), care of Mikey Fresh, who gets a... Read more

Watch FUSE’s Making Of Nas’ Illmatic 3-Part Special, With Interviews With Large Professor, Pete Rock & DJ Premier (Video)

Has any Hip-Hop album gotten as much attention at the 20-year mark as Nas' Illmatic has this month? The Columbia/Sony Records debut, the subject of Illmatic XX, a reissue with a plethora of dope bonus material (freestyles, demo recordings, remixes, photos, liner notes), is just in everybody's spotlight. One such... Read more

Here’s the Stream of Nas’ Illmatic XX with Some Choice Bonus Tracks (Audio)

You've heard Nas' Illmatic, but not like this...Here's the stream of Illmatic XX, with some choice bonus tracks. It features songs from the original classic, as well as remixes of Halftime & It Ain't Hard to Tell. Check it out below. The full version of Illmatic XX hit stores today,... Read more

Memory Lane: Noah Uman & Making Nas’ Illmatic XX & The Hip-Hop Reissue (Food For Thought Interview)

With some competition, in the 12 month radius of its release alone, Nas' Illmatic is commonly argued as Hip-Hop's greatest album. The debut from the Queensbridge MC was made in a place and time where the genre of Rap and the album format was changing shape. Surrounded by a council... Read more

Here’s an Amazing Mini-Documentary on Illmatic, Featuring Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne & More (Video)

There have been several amazing pieces of content surrounding the 20th anniversary of Illmatic. This is one of the best of them. Google Play has put together a mini-documentary about Nas and his magnum opus, featuring insightful commentary from Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Peter Rosenberg, among... Read more

You Think You’ve Heard All The Versions Of Nas’ It Ain’t To Tell? Think Again (Audio)

Next week's release of Illmatic XX, a compilation re-releasing Nas' 1994 debut album with some additional freestyles, remixes, and songs recorded during the 1992-1994 sessions which missed the initial Columbia/Sony/RuffHouse release is gearing up. Some Heads, who had bootlegs, mixtapes, and a savvy Internet finger may claim they've heard everything.... Read more

Would Nas’ Illmatic Have Been Longer if it Had Not Been Leaked? MC Serch Speaks (Video)

I remember when I got my first copy of Illmatic. It was a blank cassette tape...and it was about 4 weeks before the album was released. I had a friend who had a friend in NYC and, apparently, bootleg copies were rampant. MC Serch and Faith Newman (who signed Nas... Read more

Nas Strolls Down Memory Lane, Talking The Legendary Producers Who Backed Him Early, With Zane Lowe

Illmatic XX has Nas really looking in his rearview. The sometimes reclusive Queensbridge MC is completely open in looking at the formation of his most celebrated album. Zane Lowe, who is getting unrivaled access to guys like Eminem, Jay Z, and Kanye West, sits down with Nasir on his audio... Read more

Nas Talks 20 Years of Illmatic with Bill Maher (Video)

Nas was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher and spoke in-depth about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Illmatic. Hip-Hop's ambassador showed incredible humility in discussing one of the greatest albums of all-time. Check out the video. Related: Here’s an Alternate Take of Mobb Deep’s Eye For an Eye... Read more

Nas Discusses the 20-Year Impact of Illmatic with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson (Video)

Nas discusses the 20-year impact of Illmatic with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, the world renowned scholar and author of "Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas's Illmatic." Knowledge meets knowledge...Check out the video. Related: If You’ve Never Heard Nas’ 1993 Freestyle On The Stretch & Bobbito Show, You Must (Audio)... Read more

Nas & Large Professor’s Remix Of It Ain’t Hard To Tell Gets Another Afterlife (Audio)

For the second time in the 2000s, Columbia/Sony Records is releasing the remix to Nas' "It Ain't Hard To Tell" to CD. Many Heads know that Large Professor, who produced the original sophomore single to Nas' Illmatic debut (released four months prior to the LP), made an alternate version of... Read more

If You’ve Never Heard Nas’ 1993 Freestyle On The Stretch & Bobbito Show, You Must (Audio)

In 1993, Nas was in a weird space. It would be over a year before he would release the groundbreaking Illmatic debut. However, Nasty Nas was making a name through New York City performances, and a series of Large Professor collaborations, from 1991's "Live At The BBQ" on down to... Read more

Nas’ 20th Anniversary Edition Of Illmatic, Includes Rare Q-Tip Remix, Freestyles & More

In April of 2014, one of Hip-Hop's true classics turns 20 years old. Nas' 1994 debut Illmatic will blow out its candles in style, as the Columbia/Ruffhouse Records release gets an expanded edition, confirmed today via iTunes, courtesy of 2DopeBoyz. Like the 10th anniversary version (which felt like it came... Read more

Nas Touches On If He’s Ever Considered A Sequel To Illmatic (Video)

Moments before he was honored by J. Cole at a VIBE magazine event during Grammy weekend, Nas sat with the publication. Asked if he's ever considered a Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. II-esque sequel to his classic debut, Illmatic, Nas answers what he answers with few words more than... Read more

Nas speaks on Illmatic and Life is Good (Video)

Here's an interview where Nas reflects on Illmatic and how his life has changed since then. Related: Nas speaks on Kelis' reaction to the Life is Good album cover (Video)... Read more

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nas’ Illmatic

Today is the 18th anniversary of the release of Illmatic. To commemorate the day, Complex did an incredible article that lists 10 inside dope stories about the making of Illmatic. One example is that Russell Simmons passed on signing Nas to Def Jam...Click here to read all 10 Things You... Read more

The Kid Daytona – New Yorker’s Ambition ft Aloe Blacc (Video)

The Kid Daytona jumps on DJ Grand Wizard Theodore's Subway Theme from the movie Wild Style (aka the instrumental Nas used for the intro to Illmatic). Check out Daytona's video for New Yorker's Ambition featuring Aloe Blacc. Also, if you missed them, here are our interviews of The Kid Daytona... Read more

Would you believe it to be possible to have someone remake Illmatic and have it be INCREDIBLE?

That's exactly what Elzhi has done with ELmatic.  Let's be clear.  Illmatic is a one of a kind classic.  BUT, Elzhi has written new rhymes for the songs and producer Will Sessions has updated the tracks, often with live instruments, and it is shockingly good (especially since I was fully... Read more