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The Real Story Of Why Black Eyed Peas Replaced This Woman With Fergie (Video)

While The Black Eyed Peas found superstardom in the mid-2000s, the Los Angeles, California-based collective's story does not begin there.,, Taboo, and Fergie became global hit-makers. However, in the Hip-Hop community, many remember the quartet without Fergie, but with Kim Hill. She was with the collective in the... Read more

After Over A Decade With Shady/Interscope Records, 50 Cent & G-Unit Leave

Interscope Records and its IGA affiliates A&M and Geffen, is one of the major arms of the Universal Music Group. It's hard to believe that this label that Heads now associate with big sales, big stars, and big egos was once a fledgling indie, back in the days when 2Pac... Read more