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Tony Touch – Unorthodox ft Raekwon, JD Era, Ghostface Killah & The RZA

Here's a little Wu magic for you. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and The RZA team up with JD Era on a track from Tony Touch's upcoming Piecemaker 3: Return of the 50 MC's. Check out Unorthodox. Related: Wu-Tang Clan Performs at the Fever Club in 1993 (Video) Unorthodox by Tony Touch... Read more

JD Era – The Greatest ft Raekwon (Video)

JD Era puts in work (with an assist from Chef Raekwon on the chorus) on an ill chop up of the theme from Rocky. Check out the video for The Greatest. Related: Raekwon - Luxury Rap featuring JD Era (Video)... Read more

Raekwon – Luxury Rap ft JD Era (Video)

Here's the latest video from Raekwon's Unexpected Victory mixtape. Check out Luxury Rap featuring JD Era. There's also some footage of him checking out some luxury cars at the end, set to a slept on Saigon gem. Related: Raekwon - A Pinebox Story (Video) Here's the Saigon joint.... Read more

JD Era – Push It Back ft Pusha T

JD Era brings out Pusha T on his latest drop. Here's Push It Back. Previously: Raekwon - Dedication ft JD Era (Video)... Read more

Raekwon – Dedication ft JD Era (Video)

Here's another new video from Raekwon. Check out Dedication featuring JD Era. Previously: Raekwon - The Brewery ft Caezar-N-Reason (Video) Read more