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Curren$y Explains How Underground Hip-Hop Makes Dollars & Sense

New Orleans, Louisiana veteran MC Curren$y is an underground sensation who has made a name for himself by staying out of the way, and in his lane. The laid-back lyricist most associated with classic cars and smoking herb seemingly never gets caught in drama. Instead, he has built a booming... Read more

Curren$y Pays Tribute To Grand Puba In Grand Style (Audio)

2018 has been a great year for New Orleans, Louisiana's Curren$y. The Jet Life pilot recently became a father. Meanwhile, musically, he released one of his best works to date care of the Freddie Gibbs and Alchemist collaboration Fetti. Spitta also dropped a standout guest verse on Cozz's wavy "Badu,"... Read more

Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist Are Money. Stream The Fetti Project (Audio)

In the Spring of 2015, Grand Theft Auto V was released for Microsoft Windows. It was a couple of years after the video game had initially hit consoles. So, to hype the release, Rockstar introduced new in-game features and commissioned Alchemist and Oh No (who had already formed Gangrene at... Read more

Curren$y Reveals That He & Raekwon Have New Material Recorded

Over the last decade, Curren$y has ascended from a flagship artist at Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment to a successful independent MC. In the years since, the onetime 504 Boyz member has released collaborative projects with Wiz Khalifa, producer Ski Beatz, and his own Jet Life squad. In a year... Read more

Curren$y Takes A Dr. Dre Line & Lets It Ride (Audio)

Curren$y contends to be the most prolific MC of 2016. The New Orleans, Louisiana veteran has released a free EP or a mixtape every month up 'til June. In doing so, he's linked with a host of producers (Cool & Dre and Alchemist). However, even those projects have not tapped... Read more

Curren$y & Juvenile Come Together As 2 New Orleans Masters Of Rhyme (Audio)

Curren$y and Juvenile are two proven journeymen of the New Orleans, Louisiana movement. Each MC has worked on at least two illustrious labels, been part of storied groups, and built dynamic catalogs that move minds and clubs alike. Teaming with Brooklyn, New York producer Harry Fraud, Spitta and Juvy come... Read more

ScHoolboy Q & Curren$y Join Mistah F.A.B. For Cold Bars On A Chilly Loop (Audio)

Just hours after he unleashed his Sway In The Morning "5 Fingers Of Death" Golden State Warriors edition freestyle, Mistah F.A.B. promotes his next album in a more old fashioned way. Tomorrow (May 27), the Oakland, California veteran MC will release Son Of A Pimp 2. The star-studded, autobiographical album... Read more

Curren$y & Alchemist Re-Up On A New Mixtape Featuring Action Bronson & Styles P

Less than one month after Curren$y released The Owners Manual free EP project with Cool & Dre, the Jetlife pilot touches down again. The Carrollton Heist returns to a celebrated collaborative catalog with Alchemist. Just under five years ago, the former Young Money standout and the Gangrene co-founder released Covert... Read more

Curren$y Strikes With A Project Produced Entirely By Cool & Dre (EP Stream)

Curren$y is one of Hip-Hop's most prolific artist. The JetLife founder and captain steers into 2016 with his latest project. The Owners Manual pairs Spitta Andretti with Miami, Florida-based platinum production pair, Cool & Dre. Cool & Dre, who worked with Curren$y on some mid-2000s Young Money projects, have done... Read more

Curren$y Fires Up A 15-Year Old Ski Beatz Hit For Nas & Nature & Exhales Dope. (Audio)

One can argue that Curren$y's best music has been that which he made with Ski Beatz. While at the Def Jam-distributed DD172 (Dame Dash's label), the New Orleans, Louisiana MC and the Original Flavor co-founder made two volumes of Pilot Talk, and revamped Spitta's sound in the "Michael Knight" era,... Read more

Curren$y Goes In the Booth and Supplies That Audio Dope (Video)

This month, Curren$y released Canal Street Confidential. The Jetlife/Atlantic Records LP features Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Fiend, among others. However, even days after a retail release and a slew of mixtapes, the New Orleans, Louisiana MC still has lyrics to go. Spitta stopped through AudioMack's recording studios to elevate... Read more

Curren$y’s Canal St. Confidential Single Embraces A Formula That Works (Video)

Curren$y is less than two weeks away from his first major label album in more than a year. Canal St. Confidential (December 4) maintains Spitta's Warner Bros. Records discography, with The Stoned Immaculate garnering lots of praise. First official single "Boulders" finds Curren$y shifting his flow into high gear, and... Read more

Bun B Knights LE$ As An Underground King. Curren$y Cosigns Too. (Video)

Jet Life Records affiliate MC LE$ has been rolling with Curren$y for years now. Along with Roddy, Trademark Da Skydiver, and Cornerboy P, his team is coming. Houston, Texas native LE$ previously cut his teeth with Slim Thug's Bo$$ Hog Outlawz, before linking with Louisiana's Spitta. On "UGK'z," he gets... Read more

Curren$y’s Album Singles Stand Tall. “Boulders” Is Rocky Mountain High (Audio)

Curren$y releases a ton of music. However, after more than 15 years in the game, the New Orleans, Louisiana MC is gifted at making those big records count. After a ton of mixtapes, group work, and lots of touring, Spitta and Warner Bros. Records are back together, marching towards Canal... Read more

If Curren$y Was A Super Hero, He’d Protect Cars From Vandals & Angry Exes (Video)

One of Curren$y's biggest hits to date is 2010's "Michael Knight." The Pilot Talk II single about the MC's late '80s Chevrolet Corvette helped take the skies and the streets at once. Speaking with Complex, Spitta revealed that if he were a super hero, cars would also be a key... Read more

Curren$y & Chase N. Cashe Form A Holy Union In Audio (EP Stream)

Earlier this year, New Orleans' resident Spitta Curren$y released Pilot Talk 3, his fifth studio album and one that was highly anticipated, as it had been five years since the first two albums of the Pilot Talk series were released. Only a few weeks later, he dropped the E.P. Even... Read more

Curren$y Complements His Slow Flow With Lowriders (Video)

Even More Saturday Car Tunes continues to live up to its name. Curren$y releases "Cars," where he and his Jet Life cohorts cruise through the city in the twilight. Spitta spits about his favorite hobby, as the camera catches '60s, '70s and '80s Chevrolet Impalas, and a '76 Buick Regal.... Read more

Curren$y Colorfully Lives The Good Life In His Latest Single (Video)

Curren$y's Even More Saturday Night Car Tunes keeps making its rounds. The New Orleans, Louisiana veteran takes the Cool & Dre-produced single "Rhymes Like Weight," and hustles the visual—a colorful portrait of his life at the top of the indie Rap scene. Career and fans have been kind to Spitta,... Read more

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa’s Chemistry Never Rests, Even If They Do (Audio)

After a friendly, little conversation on Twitter, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa have leaked another single from their newest project, #2009. Heads have seen and heard Jet Life and Taylor Gang collaborate on numerous singles and celebrated mixtapes like their 2009 joint project How Fly, but after the release of "Uber... Read more

When It Comes to Rhymes, Curren$y is Putting Up Major Weight (Audio)

It's been almost two weeks since Pilot Talk 3 (April 5) was released, and since then, Spitta Andretti has not eased up for a victory lap, but rather, floored the creative gas pedal. With another upcoming mixtape, Even More Saturday Night Car Tunes scheduled to drop April 20 (4/20 for the... Read more

Fresh Off His Album Release, Curren$y Is Right Back to Giving Fans New Music (Audio)

Just five days after the release of his third installment of the high flying Pilot Talk 3, Curren$y has released a single last night titled "Life 2 Die For", which was not included on his album. Spitta Andretti links up with producer Purpdogg, and the result is another smooth cut... Read more

Take Off With A Full Listen To Curren$y’s Pilot Talk 3 (Album Stream)

Curren$y's Pilot Talk 3 is a self-released break from Spitta's DD172-backed, Def Jam-distributed first two flights. The third is packaged fan-friendly style, with USB drives, and an assortment of goodies. However, to access the collector's item-style release, it takes $125 and up on the Jet Life Apparel site. Before CDs... Read more

Curren$y’s Pilot Talk 3 First Class Section Includes Jadakiss, Cool & Dre Production (Audio)

Curren$y's Pilot Talk 3 hit the skies this weekend, releasing yesterday (April 4). Spitta is selling the LP for $100 USB drives (with additional, more expensive packages available) for the moment—taking a page from Nipsey Hussle's Crenshaw idea. CDs and other formats are said to follow, but for now, it's... Read more

Curren$y Busts Colorful Raps From The Paint Shop (Video)

Curren$y is on a tear lately. The N'awlins veteran loves reminding Heads about his love of cars, and taking old schools (and foreigns) and customizing them with style. From his forthcoming Pilot Talk 3, Spitta taxis "Cargo Planes" in video form. The visual, with lots of cool colored light fills... Read more

Trademark Da Skydiver Returns with Lush Strings Attached (Video)

Trademark Da Skydiver, longtime JET Life member with Curren$y, has stepped out on his own with his Return of the Super Villain album. Even in his solo endeavors, he still gravitates toward that lush JET Life sound. "The Return" is a laid-back track which surrounds him with melodic Spanish-influenced guitars... Read more

Curren$y Is A Drug Store Cowboy, Rallying Up Pescriptions In Audio (Video)

In the late night hour, on those New Orleans streets, Spitta Andretti himself (a/k/a Curren$y) parks in front of an all-night prescription drug store to break down how he kicks these over-the-counter rhymes, that are readily available for free samples, like, say, More Saturday Night Car Tunes. Related: Curren$y’s Releases... Read more

Curren$y’s Releases His 2nd Mixtape in a Week with Jet Life’s World Wide Hustlers (Mixtape)

Curren$y stays on his mixtape grind with his second release in a week. World Wide Hustlers features, Spitta, fellow Jet Life members Young Roddy, Corner Boy, Le$ and T.Y., as well as Smoke DZA, Freddie Gibbs and more. The project contains some original soulful beats as well as some old... Read more

It’s A Double Feature, As Curren$y Releases 7 More Saturday Night Car Tunes (Free EP)

Following late August's Saturday Night Car Tunes, Curren$y releases More Saturday Night Car Tunes. The major label veteran lives up to his reputation for ceaseless production with a handful of Cardo-produced joints, including a Wiz Khalifa feature, as well as one by Wiz's former label-mate Mac Miller. Download Mixtape Think... Read more

Curren$y’s Jet Life Crew Releases Its Organized Crime Mixtape (Audio)

Is there anyone who comes close to releasing as much free music as Curren$y? The Jet Life capo has released more than 10 mixtapes over the last 2 years. His latest is from the entire crew and, as usual, is chock full of soulful beats. Check out the stream and... Read more

Curren$y Is Hittin’ Switches With The Pumps & Dumps In Fo (Video)

Still knockin', the Drive In Theatre release from Curren$y gets a bit literal. The New Orleans MC hits the drive-in a la "Gin & Juice," as the moviegoers appear in various '60s Chevrolet lowriders. With his "Fo" verses, Spitta gets a bit philosophical (even if it's mostly about cars), as... Read more

Curren$y Fuels Up With 7-Song EP, Saturday Night Car Tunes (EP)

For nearly a decade, Curren$y has been among Hip-Hop's biggest stars who has never been shy about giving away whole projects for free. The N'awlins native learned from his onetime mentor Lil Wayne that if you want the audience to buy your product, you have to build their dependency. So... Read more

Curren$y Tries Out A Pepped Up Flow With Thelonious Martin On House Shoes (Video)

On the slightly controversial (from a legal standpoint) release Muscle Car Chronicles, Curren$y worked extensively with live musicians, placing his flow in multiple pockets along the way. Especially with live drumming, Spitta Andretti has a style and presentation that just says New Orleans. On "House Shoes," Curren$y stays in his... Read more

Curren$y Releases Drive In Theatre, 5 Music Shorts In One Exhale (Videos)

Since taking his career into his own hands, Curren$y is a master of surprise. The New Orleans MC with a penchant for herbs and horsepower has released a 5-act, 13-minute short film from his Drive In Theatre. The film's acts are comprised of "MPR," "Stolen," "Intermission," "Stovetop," and "Hi-Top Whites."... Read more

Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver Talk Legal Tender Over a Soulful Burner (Audio)

Jet Life brothers, Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver, link on a new record about currency, minus crew leader Curren$y. The result is still the same. They deliver laid back, in the pocket flows over a soulful burner. Check out Legal Tender. Related: Trademark Da Skydiver Doubles As Flamingo Barnes... Read more

Curren$y & Le$ Tell Us It’s Over With A Thumping Cardo Beat (Audio)

Curren$y's slow flow, intricate materialism imagery, and ageless whimsicality on the track has made him a independent Hip-Hop star with several major deals. He partners with Le$ for "It's Over With," a simple song about commanding the attention away from spouses that aren't theirs to begin with. However, Cardo's slow,... Read more

Curren$y & Action Bronson Get Corleone Stoned On Godfather 4 (Audio)

Heads watching TV this Grammy Awards weekend know that AMC has been going hard on the Godfather marathons. Fans of Mario Puzo's novel-turned-Francis Ford Coppola-directed saga may appreciate that Curren$y and Action Bronson opted to make "Godfather 4," as a song. The two sensations within the Atlantic Records/Warner Music Group... Read more

Trademark Da Skydiver Doubles As Flamingo Barnes 2 For Mingo Royale (Album Stream)

Everybody's got a second persona these days. Jet Life's Trademark Da Skydiver released his second installment under the Flamingo Barnes moniker, as Mingo Royale. From the cars to the ladies to the fast-life, James Bond and Trademark have some items in common, which are waxed on this here, featuring Dizzy... Read more

Casey Veggies Gets Smoker-Soulful With Curren$y On Life$tyle (Audio)

Casey Veggies has a slippery style that's hard to pin down. He loves name brands and findin' the essence of a track's vibe. That said, who better to link with for a "Life$tyle remix" than Spitta Andretti himself. Curren$y and Casey hit you with that herb-induced stream of consciousness that... Read more

Curren$y – Jetflix Documentary (Video)

Curren$y, Mousa and the rest of the Jetlife clique made a recent tour documentary including some studio sessions, performance footage, and cars, a fake-Bill Duke-sighting, girls and smoke-breaks along the way. Related: Curren$y & Young Roddy – Bales (Mixtape)... Read more

Curren$y & Young Roddy – Bales (Mixtape)

Move over Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, Spitta is Quarterbacking the Jets with his second mixtape in as many months. Bales, is a joint effort by Curren$y (as Spitta Andretti) with Jet Life's Young Roddy, boasts a ton of Harry Fraud production (Cigarette Boats fans rejoice), along with a Juvenile... Read more

Curren$y & Jet Life – Red Eye Mixtape (Mixtape)

Curren$y drops off a brand new compilation mixtape with his Jet Life crew. It features verses from his fellow Jets and production from Cardo, Bizness, Thelonius Martin and more. You can listen to and download all of Red Eye Mixtape below. Related: Jamaal Davis & Trademark Da Skydiver – Rollin’... Read more

Curren$y – Ox

You have to give it up to Spitta. Whether live band covers of "Bout It, Bout It," Soul samples or his own weed-scented brand of down-tempo tracks, he always makes it his own. On "Ox," Cardo gives Curren$y a peppier drum arrangement than we regularly hear. In trademark fashion, New... Read more

Curren$y – Jet Life ft Wiz Khalifa & Big K.R.I.T. + Curren$y vs Nardwaur (Pt. 3) (Video)

Here's a Curren$y double play. Check out his new song Jet Life featuring Wiz Khalifa and Big K.R.I.T., as well as his latest interview with Nardwaur. Related: Curren$y - Capitol featuring 2 Chainz Jet Life ft Wiz Khalifa & Big K.R.I.T. Curren$y vs Nardwaur (Pt. 3)... Read more

Here’s the first video from Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy and Curren$y’s stellar mixtape, Jet Life to the Next Life.

Check out Jet Set/Jet Life.  Props to 2DopeBoyz for making the mixtape happen. If you missed it, click here to listen to the whole mixtape and download it.... Read more