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Talib Kweli & Blu Gang Up On A Beat. It’s Fight Night For 2 Great MCs (Audio)

In 2007, the same summer Blu & Exile released Below The Heavens, Talib Kweli dropped Eardrum. One MC made an indelible underground debut, while the other, from a similar trajectory, released a #2 overall LP on the charts, marking a new plateau. Ten years later, these two artists from opposing... Read more

Blu Says “Made It To 2012 Just To See Romney Lose” As Part Of A New Cold Verse (Audio)

Blu takes long hiatuses in his career. However, when he comes back around, he usually returns in a major way. Such is the case when Johnson Barnes appears alongside frequent collaborator L'Orange on "Need You." Blu seemingly kicks the ol' Rap/lover metaphor, but he's got some ill fervor to his... Read more