Homeboy Sandman Makes An Oceanic Cut Over Some ’70s-Tastic Blu Production (Audio)

Two of the most versatile voices in the contemporary Underground Hip-Hop world are Homeboy Sandman and Blu. Running in similar circles (Stones Throw Records, Sene, etc.), the pair comes together nicely on "Atlantis." H.B.S. states why underwater is the place to be, given some of the goings-on to be found... Read more

Like Food Raps? Homeboy Sandman Speaks To Your Belly (Video)

Stones Throw Records has had a lot of buzz swinging around the internet lately with the impending release of their documentary film, Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton, May 27. The Peanut Butter Wolf directed team consistently releases content that is highly regarded in the underground music scene and continues to... Read more

Homeboy Sandman Breathes New Life Into An Old Breakbeat In This Freestyle (Audio)

Pound for pound, Homeboy Sandman is one of the most dynamic MCs to emerge in the last 10 years. The Elmhurst, Queens rapper/activist has a Native Tongues way about him, standing up for issues, while still clearly having fun with every microphone rendezvous and video. In honor BoySand's new Stones... Read more