From Beats To Rhymes, Breakin’ To Graffiti, The Latino Contribution To Hip-Hop Is Explored (Audio)

One of the more anticipated pieces of Hip-Hop coverage over the last week was Latino USA's (an NPR-backed podcast show) "A Latino History Of Hip-Hop." As promised by video trailer, part 1 premiered yesterday (March 20), with part 2 reportedly coming online by late April. Producers Daisy Rosario and Marlon... Read more

The Rich History of Latino Contributions to Hip-Hop Are Detailed in a New Audio Documentary (Video)

For some, the knowledge of Latinos' impact on Hip-Hop does not go much deeper than the catalogs of Fat Joe and Big Pun. However, the contribution made by Latinos to the culture is extensive and embedded in the foundation of Hip-Hop. NPR's Latino USA has put together a two-part audio... Read more