AFH Ambrosia for Heads


Bumpy Knuckles/Freddie Foxx drops some more goodness with Not What I Say.

Statik Selektah laces him with another dope track.  The flow on this one is a little more laid back than what you may be used to from Bumpy Knucks, but it still bumps.  You can buy Lyrical Workout, the entire project he and Statik Selektah did together, here. Click here... Read more

After 20 years, Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxx is still murdering MCs.

He and Noreaga go IN on this vintage Statik Selektah track.  Check out Lyrical Workout. Click here to download.  And, if you forgot (or never knew) how Freddie Foxx/Bumpie Knuckles used to kill 'em, check out this classic from him and KRS-One (stream only--click here to buy it).... Read more