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Rochelle Jordan Entered A Contest To Record With Timbaland. The Results BUMP (Audio)

Microsoft and Lenovo recently partnered for "Team Up With Timbaland," a contest that allowed regular folk to potentially work with the Virginia native super-producer/artist, and join the likes of Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, and Aaliyah. One such Top 5 finalist, Rochelle Jordan, proved that she's anything but ordinary. "So Good"... Read more

Nas’ Street Dreams Take Shape In The Form Of An Episodic Series In Development At XBox Studios

Nasir Jones is making unfathomable moves for the MC who once "waved automatic guns at nuns." Queensbridge's finest has a Harvard University Fellowship. He has a stake in Mass Appeal magazine and digital. The veteran lyricist is enjoying the latest in a long catalog of originally-shelved and tribute material, in... Read more

Is Facebook the New Internet

Is Facebook integrating itself into all things on the web and potentially mobile?  Click here to read Mark Cuban’s take.... Read more