Redman Brings 1990 Hip-Hop To The Present & It Sounds So Beautiful (Video)

Late last week, Redman released his latest single, "1990 NOW." In the song, Reggie Noble delights in making the kind of Hip-Hop that influenced him to grab the microphone, and tell millions of fans when it was "Time 4 Sumaksion." The Newark, New Jersey star MC has commanded the masses... Read more

Redman Releases A New Song That Sounds Like 1990 In All The Best Ways (Audio)

Redman's "Muddy Waters Too Movement" continues. Funk Doc is gearing up for the long-awaited sequel to his 1996 landmark third LP. Following the recent video drops "Ya!" and "I Love Hip Hop," the promotional push for the upcoming album continues with "1990 NOW." This Gilla House Records single, produced by... Read more

Redman’s Muddy Waters Too Is Coming. This New Song Will Make You Say YA! (Audio)

In late June, Redman surprised fans when he released an a la carte video called "I Love Hip-Hop." The Def Squad MC was straightforward about the culture and genre that propelled him from a hungry battle rapper running with Biz Markie to a headlining star the last 25-plus years. That... Read more

Erick Sermon Is Executive Producing Redman’s “Muddy Waters Too” & Says It Will Be Classic (Audio)

Approaching 30 years since EPMD released Strictly Business, Erick Sermon is in the midst of a creative renaissance. Last month, the Green-Eyed Bandit secured more than $60,000 of crowd-funding for his upcoming ninth solo album (now titled Vernia). As E-Double gets underway on that release promised to feature Method Man,... Read more

Redman Wants Another Def Squad Album & He Explains The Muddy Waters 2 Delay (Audio)

2018 marks 20 years since Def Squad released its one and only album. El NiƱo debuted at #2 on the Top 200 and marked a long time coming for Erick Sermon and his star pupils, Redman and Keith Murray. A strong branch from the EPMD family tree, that LP featured... Read more

Redman Is Working HARD On Muddy Waters 2 & It Sounds Like Fire (Video)

For Redman fans, Muddy Waters 2, the sequel to his beloved 1996 album, is starting to take on a lore rivaling mythic albums like Dr. Dre's now-scrapped Detox, and Jay Electroncia's debut album. Redman teased the album, back in 2013, and even released a prelude mixtape. Now, nearly 4 years... Read more

Redman Is Back Behind The Boards. This Gilla House Track Has Red’s Bars & Beat (Audio)

While Redman's rapping abilities are nearly impossible to miss, people tend to overlook Reggie Noble's production. The artist who began as a DJ for Lords Of The Underground's DoItAll evolved from turntables to beat machines. While closely tied to Erick Sermon and Rockwilder, Redman is credited with producing (at least... Read more

An Argument For Why Redman Is The Greatest Rapper Of All-Time (Video)

It's been less than a year since Redman released his last solo album, Mudface, but the short time span has not quelled the fervent interest in what he's reportedly got on the horizon: Muddy Waters 2. This year marks the 20th anniversary of arguably one of his most celebrated albums... Read more

This Is What It Sounds Like When Eminem & Redman Catch Up & Make Plans (Audio)

Yesterday (November 8), Redman was a guest on Lord Sear's Shade 45 show. Unexpectedly, the Sirius XM station's founder, Eminem, called in. The onetime "Off The Wall" collaborators caught up publicly, but in a way that seemed totally authentic to a Marshall Mathers and Reggie Noble phone-call. Em' even called... Read more

25 Years Strong and Redman is Still a Bad, Bad Man (Audio)

For 25 years, Redman has been one of the most consistent microphone destroyers in the business. Red hit the radar for many with his show-stealing guest verse on EPMD's 1992 song, "Head Banger," and Reggie Noble has not looked back since. In 1996, he released his fan-favorite album Muddy Waters,... Read more

Redman Drops Sampler To Muddy Waters 2 (Audio)

It's been over three years since Redman revealed he was planning Muddy Waters 2. The sequel to Reggie Noble's 1996 LP (and arguably his best) has been alluded to since. In a new video, Redman says that the project has become a mixtape, and like Nipsey Hussle or Lil' Kim,... Read more

Redman Releases a New Video from Muddy Waters 2 and a New Remixxes Mixtape (Video + Mixtape)

Redman announced he is releasing Muddy Waters 2, a follow up to his 1996 classic LP. To kick off the campaign, he has released a video for Pump Ya Brakes, the first single from the project, AND a new Remixxes mixtape. You can watch the video and stream and download... Read more