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Donald Glover’s New Video Shows Hip-Hop America & How Great It Could Be

Just under four months ago, Donald Glover released one of the most unforgettable music videos of 2018. "This Is America" is artful, symbolic, and it is certainly jarring. The visual was a return to Rap for the versatile, genre-defying also artist also known as Childish Gambino. Since then, Glover released... Read more

Skillz’s 2016 Rap Up Reminds Us Of The Year’s Highs, Lows & Reasons To Stay Woke (Audio)

2016 is coming to a close. Years from now, how will we, the people, remember such an expansive year in Hip-Hop music, news, and culture? This year, some of the biggest MCs in the genre released new albums. Several of these efforts came in short notice, challenging new distribution platforms... Read more

Common Speaks on Why He Left Oprah Hanging at The Oscars (Video)

Common has deservedly received a lot of attention this week after winning his first Oscar, along with John Legend and Rhymefest, for Best Original Song for "Glory," from the movie Selma. His performance and acceptance speech were highlights of the Academy Awards. However, something that occurred immediately prior to his... Read more

People Know Pharrell Cried When Talking to Oprah. Here’s Why (Video)

Leave it to Sway to build on an interview done by OPRAH. Watch how he gets Pharrell Williams to open up about why he cried during the Oprah interview, working with the world's biggest artists and more. Check out the video. Here's the Oprah moment: Related: Pharrell Speaks on His... Read more

Oprah Speaks on the Recent Back and Forth Between Jay Z & Harry Belafonte (Video)

Shaheem Reid sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss the new film The Butler and managed to sneak in a question about the recent back and forth between Jay Z and Harry Belafonte. Oprah answered the question straight on and even managed to bring it back around to the relevance... Read more

Can you believe one of the first shows on the new Oprah Winfrey Network is about Jay-Z? And, it’s a cool concept?

It's been pretty well-documented that Oprah has had her issue with hip-hop, primarily regarding lyrics she believes to be detrimental to the community. It makes sense then that if she were to do a show about hip-hop, it would be one that was designed to inspire and uplift. Thus, the... Read more