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T.I. Releases a Short Gangster Film for King (Video)

After yesterday's (October 20) "King" break-off leak from the just-released Paperwork, T.I. follows with the video. The album opener is textbook Tip, with a charged beat, and that unshakeable street Rap from one of the last decade's emerging superstars of Hip-Hop. The visual suggests that T.I. is still in the... Read more

T.I. Is The ‘King’ Of That Straightforward Trap, Peep The Paperwork Intro (Audio)

Besides Nas, is any artist as consistently ferocious on the intro than T.I.? Regardless of where each of the P$C MC's albums have ended up in the consciousness or on the charts, the first track usually sets the tone that has the veteran Tip listener thumping their chest, and the... Read more

T.I. and Pharrell Say Don’t Do Business Until Your Paperwork is Straight (Audio)

T.I. gets autobiographical on "Paperwork," his soulful reunion with oft-collaborator Pharrell. Tip talks about the challenges he faced before breaking through--doubters, blockers and just plain haters. All the while, Pharrell cautions against dealing with people before they've been vetted, on the hook. Check it out. Related: T.I. Pens The New... Read more

Killer Mike Adds A Scorching Verse To T.I.’s Hit Single (Audio)

T.I. and Young Thug previously released "About The Money," the mainstream-aimed video single from Tip's Paperwork album. With Young Thug being the most recently, in a prolific lineage of T.I. proteges, ranging from Young Dro to Yung LA to B.o.B. to Iggy Azalea. However, in addition to Grand Hustle's reputation... Read more

T.I. Might Be About The Money, But He’s Still Got His Skills In Making Great Rap Music (Audio)

Few Rap stars have the ability to find the kind of balance that T.I. does. The ATL trap veteran is able to seemingly always appease his core audience, while growing the circle through catchy production, out of genre guest-work, and Euro-Dance samples. Gearing up for Paperwork, Tip continues what he... Read more