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25 Years Ago Today, 2 Live Crew Made History, Bringing Out The Parental Advisory Sticker

On July 13, 1990, the first album to be adorned with a parental advisory sticker hit the shelves, ushering in a new era in the recording industry and re-igniting a heated discussion about censorship, freedom of speech, and morality. Banned in the U.S.A. was 2 Live Crew's fourth album, and... Read more

Jay Rock Releases His First New Video in 2 Years. That’s Watts Up (Video)

Jay Rock is back. With a VENGEANCE. In the same week he released his new collabo with Kendrick Lamar, he unleashes the video for "Parental Advisory." The song, with its double Snoop Dogg nods, already oozed Cali. But, the video takes it to another level with a detailed look into... Read more

Jay Rock Releases His First Solo Song in Nearly a Year. Be Warned (Audio)

Make no mistake, though he has been relatively quiet compared to his Black Hippy brethren over the last few years, Jay Rock is still a Top Dawg. He marks his return with "Parental Advisory," his first solo release in nearly a year. Far from shying away from the West Coast... Read more