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These Pictures Show Where Iconic Hip-Hop Album Covers Were Photographed

Earlier this year, Mass Appeal put together an amazing gallery of pictures that showed the locations where some of the most iconic album covers in Hip-Hop were photographed. That collection showed the real-life settings for the artwork for Nas' Illmatic, Ice Cube's Amerikkka's Most Wanted, LL Cool J's Bad and... Read more

Guess Who’s Making Another Album Together…Pusha T & The Neptunes Are in the Studio Right Now (Video)

Pusha T recently announced that he would be holing up in the studio with The Neptunes for 20 straight days to work on his new album, King Push. The date has arrived and, true to his word, Push, Pharrell and Chad are at work. Check out Pusha revealing the plan... Read more

Official Picture of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in All is By My Side

Here's an official photo of Andre 3000 in his role as the iconic Jimi Hendrix. The film, All is By My Side, will premiere in September. To date, few details have surfaced about the movie but you can watch a brief clip from last year about what Andre had to... Read more