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A Grand Jury Investigating Planned Parenthood Instead Charges Anti-Abortion Activists (Audio)

Last year, Planned Parenthood experienced a tumultuous few months that brought the family healthcare facility more criticism than usual. Often the subject of protests and negative attention from Conservatives, the clinic known for providing sexual and reproductive health services to millions of families came under fire after a series of... Read more

Busta Rhymes Won’t Drink the Kool-Aid When it Comes to the Planned Parenthood Attack (Video)

Last night's episode of The Nightly Show was framed around a recent cooking segment that aired on Fox News in which a White host asked his guest - a Black chef - if she makes Kool-Aid for Thanksgiving. The immediate backlash spread across social media, with most feeling his question... Read more

Will Planned Parenthood Lose Its Federal Funding Today? The Senate is Expected to Decide

Later this evening (August 3), the United States Senate is expected to vote on an issue that has long since been a bastion of heated debate. Planned Parenthood, the non-profit organization focused on reproductive health for both men and women, has recently come under fire after a series of unflattering... Read more