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Treach Names His Top 5 MCs From New Jersey

On the most recent episode of Drink Champs, Naughty By Nature's Treach appeared as the guest. The Grammy Award-winning veteran MC discussed over three hours worth of topics. Last year, the NBN co-founder vented frustrations about Top 5 lists and their impact on Hip-Hop. “I don’t think a lot of... Read more

The Poor Righteous Teachers’ Final Word Celebrated Earthly Life, Both Good & Bad (Video)

Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey, Poor Righteous Teachers belonged to a school of thought within Hip-Hop that drew heavy inspiration from spiritual and religious tenets. As self-proclaimed members of the Five-Percent Nation (also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths), PRT used much of their music to emphasize the... Read more

Rest In Peace Father Shaheed, Of Poor Righteous Teachers

A news story from has quoted Public Enemy's Facebook account as confirming Father Shaheed dead. The Trenton, New Jersey native was a founding member of P.R.T., and a DJ/producer of the crew also including Wise Intelligent, Culture Freedom, and Mike Peart. Per P.E.'s reports, Shaheed died following a motorcycle... Read more

Wise Intelligent – The Walking Dead ft B. Smith

Wise Intelligent has stayed very busy since his days with pioneering Trenton, New Jersey collective the Poor Righteous Teachers. The man who once battled Jay Z (when Jay was rollin' with both Jaz-O and DeHaven. Since the late '90s, Wise has maintained his socially-informed messages, and gotten more aggressive in... Read more

Hip-Hop may never have been anything more than a fad without Profile Records, the 6th most important hip-hop record label of all time.

#6 Profile Records Founded in 1981 by Steve Plotnicki and Cory Robbins, Profile Records was the first label to establish hip-hop with the mainstream as an enduring genre. There had been some hit singles, previously, but Profile was the first record label to have a rap album certified gold (500,000+... Read more