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Eminem is Clearly a Child of the 80’s with His Inclusion of Max Headroom, Rakim, N.W.A., Bill Clinton, JJ Fad, Heavy D and Many More References in the Video for Rap God. Seeing is Believing (Video)

Eminem's career fits in the qualifications of Pop Art. The Detroit, Michigan battle-rapper entered the mainstream through poking fun at multi-platinum peers in and out of Hip-Hop, and ascended into a true global icon. Years from now, people will understand what was on people's minds in 1999, 2000, or 2013... Read more

Eminem Blisters the Mic in His Latest Song Rap God (Audio)

Lest you forget, Eminem is one of the nicest MCs to ever touch a mic. Ever. On his latest record, Rap God, he gets on a trap beat and proceeds to straight ABUSE it. This is battle rap Em. Check it out below. Related: Eminem – Survival (Video)... Read more