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Noisey Releases The Biggest Posse Cut Ever Featuring More Than 35 Rappers (Video)

In the quest to put together the ultimate posse cut, Noisey assembled 35+ rappers in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York for a series of verses to be fused into one song. After seeding verses in pieces for the last few weeks, they have now released the full 42 minute... Read more

Pusha T Aims To Stand Out In Rap Monument, Watch Him Lay The Verse (Video)

Noisey's assembly of "Rap Monument" could be one of the more exciting ideas on Hip-Hop's horizon. With more than 30 rappers from all walks of the industry, all corners of the Rap map, and many sub-genres within the umbrella term, this single track stands to be an exciting time capsule... Read more

30 Of Your Favorite Rappers Are Getting Together On One Track (Video)

Just days after the Shady cXVpher rattled the Hip-Hop nation, traveling to five locations to film one grandiose, show-stopping cypher, a new trend in Hip-Hop may be on the rise. Noisey/VICE have announced Rap Monument. With a trailer released, this video plans to combine 30 artists in their element, for... Read more