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Imagine If The CREAM Sample Wu-Tang Used Went to KRS Instead. It Almost Happened… (Audio)

K-Def is one accomplished producer. The New Jersey native is known for his extensive discography, which includes work with Lords Of The Underground, UGK, and Puff Daddy. The onetime protege of Marley Marl, K-Def has maintained a career in music for nearly 25 years. In 1993, Def was hard at... Read more

KRS-One Returned To The Boom-Bap Back In 1993. But What About This Leftover? (Audio)

KRS-One's first solo album, 1993's Return Of The Boom Bap clearly mapped out the Blastmasta from his Boogie Down Productions past. A Top 40 charting effort on his longtime Jive Records home, the LP welcomed DJ Premier and Showbiz to the cypher. Fourteen tracks would make the LP a hardcore... Read more

KRS-One’s Return Of The Boom-Bap 20 Years Later (Food For Thought)

This weekend, the first KRS-One album to not be billed as Boogie Down Productions turns 20 years old. On September 28, 1993, Jive Records and Kris Parker teamed to release Return Of The Boom-Bap. The album was exactly one decade removed from the arrival of Run-DMC, the "boom-bap" was a... Read more

KRS-ONE Speaks on the evolution of his career, The Return of the Boom Bap and the death of conscious rap (Video)

Wow. Here's an unbelievable interview of KRS-One from DJ Premier's blog. He identifies the moment conscious rap died...Check it out. Read more