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Kanye West – Runaway Fly Mob (Video)

This is very cool. Dancers for Kanye West's tour broke into their routine for Runaway mid-flight en route to Australia. It's an inflight flash mob. The looks on the faces of some of the passengers (and flight attendants) are priceless. Check out the video for the Runaway Fly Mob. Related:... Read more

10 reasons why 2010 was the best year ever in hip-hop: #6 Roll the dice…this was a year of taking BIG chances and they paid off.

EVERYBODY knows the music business as it has existed for the last few decades--where sales of recorded albums are the primary financial-driver of the business--is in trouble.  The record industry, like other entertainment businesses, tends to be a bell curve: During the vast majority of times, the music tends to... Read more

Kanye West is a busy man. In addition to working on his solo album and another with Jay-Z, he's created a short film based on Runaway. Here's what he had to say about it.

This was Kanye's intro to the film at his screening in Paris.  Hip-hop = art. ExternalVideo.970869&w=425&h=350&fv=  ... Read more

How could people miss the fact that Kanye's of Runaway at the VMAs was not celebrating assholes but lamenting the fact that he can be one sometimes?

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.967958&w=425&h=350& The point is pretty clear if you take some time to really listen to the song. His advice for people with assholes?  Runaway... Click here to download.... Read more