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Drake Opens Up For The First Time About Ghostwriting & Forcefully Defends His Pen (Audio)

In 2016, Drake does not often do interviews. The Canadian MC/singer was guarded upon his 2008-2009 entrance into the music industry. With the best-selling Hip-Hop album of 2016 in VIEWS, that wall has apparently only heightened. Drake typically addresses his life through lyrics, occasionally social media, and a few limited... Read more

Vic One Hilariously Disses Logic’s Album to His Face (Video)

If you're not familiar with Power 106's Vic One, he is a big persona much in the vein of Ali G, Borat and other Sacha Baron Cohen characters. He recently sat down with Logic and, despite the near universal critical acclaim lauded on Logic's Under Pressure album, proceeds to hilariously... Read more