T.I. Pens The New National Anthem (Audio)

Accentuated by Skylar Grey's quintessentially anthemic vocals on the hook, T.I. delivers his message to America in the form of the track, "New National Anthem." "Home of the brave and free (It’s America) Free just to murder me (land of the handgun) Land of the beautiful (home of the shotgun)... Read more

50 Cent – Warning You ft Skylar Grey

Please don't be fooled by Skylar Grey's Recovery-esque smooth singing to open up the track (it supposedly came from an Eminem session)... the beat breaks and 50 Cent kicks things off talking about his JMJ Records era. "Warning You" does just that. Perhaps Fif's upcoming album (following a four-year break... Read more

Eminem – Survival

Although it might be background music to a video game commercial, anything Mr. Mathers does usually ends up at the forefront of hip-hop news. As guns are blasting during the latest preview of Call of Duty: Ghosts, a closer listen reveals Eminem himself shooting lyrical bullets off his new track... Read more

Lupe Fiasco’s Words I Never Said is one of the best tracks on the album. Check out the new video.

The video is just as intense as the song. If you're quick enough on the pause button, you'll peep the QR code Lupe sticks on the bus (and again on a wall later in the video--click here if that's gibberish). It's a belated Easter egg from Lupe. Here's the video:... Read more