George Clinton Considers Rakim & Eminem GOATs, Praises Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Along with James Brown and Sly Stone, George Clinton revolutionized R&B, twisting Soul music into pure Funk. He became the mastermind behind Parliament, as well as companion band, Funkadelic. Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic have ignited the party in six decades, spawning three platinum releases. He expanded the boundaries of his music,... Read more

A Timeless Sly & The Family Stone Joint Gets Reworked By !llmind (Audio)

Sly & The Family Stone is summertime music, and we're not just talkin' about "Hot Fun In The Summertime." Sly Stone's trippy ode, "If You Want Me To Stay" may have been released 39 years ago, but Sly's final journey to the Top 40 remains timeless for lovers telling their... Read more