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Which Of These Albums Deserves To Compete For Best Of 2018? You Decide.

Earlier today, Ambrosia For Heads announced our picks for the 15 Best Albums Of 2018. As we did last year, we are having you decide which one of these albums (or any one that we missed) is the album of the year, based on your votes in an NCAA-style tournament... Read more

The 14 Best Hip-Hop Releases So Far In 2018 (Audio & Video)

Approaching 2018’s midpoint, the year has been absolutely incredible for Hip-Hop and Rap music. For many artists, the album is now shorter than it has ever been. Releases are more concentrated and digestible than they have been been in decades. Moreover, the MC/producer double-threat is winning, as is the chemistry... Read more

Sylvan LaCue’s Flow Rides The Beat Perfectly On His Vivid Guilt Trip (Video)

Sylvan LaCue's "Heavenly" music video was previously featured in Ambrosia For Heads' "Ready Or Not" column this April. The Miami, Florida MC who toured the country with Saba proved that he could blend skills with substance. On his latest standalone video, "Guilt Trip," that proves to be very true. He... Read more

Sylvan LaCue Wants His Heavenly Video To Make An Eternal Introduction

Miami, Florida MC Sylvan LaCue is currently making major noise. Fresh off of touring the United States with "Best Me (Remix)" collaborator Saba, Sylvan is another independent artist (thanks to his Wise Up Entertainment movement) who needs no machine to draw power through numbers. With his album Far From Familiar... Read more