The Video For Asher Roth’s Tangerine Girl Will Provoke a Reaction (Video)

Asher Roth's song, Tangerine Girl, crosses boundaries, blending trippy 70's rock with Hip-Hop. The video similarly defies conventions by showing a day in the life of a complex and nuanced character that ends with a bang (literally). Whether it's the rollerskating, office distractions or wild finish, this video will provoke... Read more

After Nearly 5 Years, Asher Roth is Releasing His 2nd Album. Here’s the New Single (Audio)

After 5 years and several mixtapes, Asher Roth is preparing to release RetroHash, his 2nd official album (though what is the difference between a mixtape and an album really these days...). His new single, Tangerine Girl, is a dreamy ride with an early 70's California rock feel to it. For... Read more