AFH Ambrosia for Heads


It's a great day for underground rap…which is a nice segue into the #8 reason why 2010 is the best year ever in hip-hop: The Return of the Underground.

This one is a bit of a contradiction.  The incredible underground releases this year certainly contributed to the musical strength of the year overall, but underground rap is consistently pretty strong.  It's the hits that are more unpredictable.  That's confirmed just by looking at Soundscan sales info.  This year will... Read more

The blogosphere has been on fire since Friday when Jay-Z announced Jay Electronica as the newest member of Roc Nation. Check out the 2 Jay's on Shiny Suit Theory and Jay Electronica solo on The Announcement. Click here to download. And here's another new Jay Electronica joint called The Announcement. Click here to download.... Read more