Logic’s Star Shines Brightly with Help From the Roots on “The Tonight Show” (Video)

25-year-old Logic has had a whirlwind couple of years, shattering all preconceived notions about what a real MC looks like or where a real MC comes from. The Maryland native was born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, and since signing to Def Jam and releasing not, but two immensely successful... Read more

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop Is RIGHT NOW. Logic Proves It With His “Innermission” (Audio)

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop is RIGHT NOW. That statement will always be true no matter when it is uttered because in addition to enjoying today's great music (and there is plenty), we also always can look back and revisit the phenomenal Hip-Hop that came from the 70s, 80s, 90s... Read more

Logic Will Not Fade Away. He’s Just Getting Started (Audio)

Logic's forthcoming new album The Incredible True Story hits stores next week on November 13. For the last several weeks, the talented Maryland spitter has been releasing quality songs and innovative videos in support of the project. His latest addition to the campaign is "Fade Away." More than any of... Read more

20 Years Later, Logic Has The Perfect Visual For New Jersey Drive (Video)

One year after he challenged best-of-2014 lists with Under Pressure, Logic is back with The Incredible True Story. The Maryland MC and Def Jam Records sensation is striking while he's hot on November 13, and has a captive audience seemingly loving his every move—with good reason. The latest, "Young Jesus,"... Read more

Logic Reflects On How Far He’s Come With Gratitude in a Dazzling Lyrical Display (Audio)

In an era that has de-emphasized lyricism in favor of big tracks and even bigger hooks, Logic is an outlier. The Gaithersburg, Maryland MC has distinguished himself with rapid-fire, complex wordplay that often also includes an autobiographical message. Despite his boyish looks, he's endured unthinkable hardships from watching his father... Read more

Logic Returns to Make It Crystal Clear He’s a Microphone Savior (Audio)

After several years of grinding on the underground circuit, Logic had a breakout year in 2014. The Gaithersburg, Maryland MC had several of the year's best freestyles, earned a high profile slot in the Hip Hop Awards Cyphers and released his first album, Under Pressure, which debuted at #4 on... Read more