Joey Bada$$ Talks Voice Changes, Working With DJ Premier (Video)

In Peter Rosenberg's latest installment of The Process, Brooklyn's Joey Bada$$ breaks down his years (or year) of juggling a high school education with obligations, and those of a budding mainstream Rap career. Joey opens up about getting high for the first time, and penning one of his most-cherished songs,... Read more

Schoolboy Q – The Process (Video)

Schoolboy Q discusses growing up in LA, writing his first rhymes, the process for creating Oxymoron and more with Peter Rosenberg. Check out the video. Related: Schoolboy Q & Kendrick Lamar Perform Collard Greens (Video)... Read more

Goodie MOB: The Process (Video)

Goodie MOB discuss recording their first song ever together, the process of making Cell Therapy, lyrical activism and more with Peter Rosenberg. Check out the video. Related: Goodie M.O.B. – Special Education ft Janelle Monae (Video)... Read more

Ab-Soul: The Process w/Peter Rosenberg (Video)

Ab-Soul talks with Peter Rosenberg about his loss of vision, the fact that he doesn't write down his lyrics (as complex as they are...), learning song arrangement from Kendrick Lamar, code switching, the loss of his girl Alori Joh and much more. Check out the video. Related: Ab-Soul Speaks on... Read more

Raekwon: The Process (Video)

Raekwon originally wrote a story for his verse for C.R.E.A.M...but the members of the Wu were not feeling it. So, he went back to the lab and wrote a verse about his real life. The verse we all heard. "I grew up on the crime side..." Here's a video of... Read more