J. Cole Reveals Who Kill Edward Is And It’s Deeper Than Rap

On J. Cole's newly-released KOD, there is one guest by the name of kiLL edward. The character appears on two songs: "The Cut Off" and "FRIENDS." These are two powerful cuts on an album that carries three titles: Kids On Drugs, Kill Our Demons, and King Overdose. For an artist... Read more

A Week Before it Turns 20, the Movie ‘Kids’ is Being Remembered as a Classic

Rolling Stone called it "the most controversial film of the Nineties." With mid-'90s New York City as its setting, the Larry Clark-directed film Kids struck a chord with an entire generation, candidly portraying the sexual lives of a handful of teenagers. Released nationwide on July 28, 1995, the NC-17 drama... Read more

How Did Lorde Signify the Death of “Black Cool?” Questlove Has the Answers…

Questlove is in the middle of a 6-part essay series for Vulture called "How Hip-Hop Failed Black America." The first 2 parts were dense, challenging, and deeply thought-provoking. The 3rd installment, titled "What Happens When Black Loses Its Cool?," is no less engaging and philosophical. Quest attempts to define and... Read more

Think Hip-Hop Has Grown Too Materialistic? Questlove Does Too. Here’s Why.

The Roots' Questlove is writing a 6-part series for called "How Hip-Hop Failed Black America." The title alone let's you know that this is not light reading. Brother Question examines the culture he (and we) love from multiple angles: political, social, philosophical. In the 2nd part, he looks at... Read more

I Used to Love HER…Rick Rubin Speaks on How Hip-Hop Has Changed.

Rick Rubin, along with Russell Simmons, started what is arguably the most important Hip-Hop record label ever created in Def Jam Recordings. So, who better to commentate on the state of the culture today? Rubin gave a rare interview to Vulture and spoke about the early days of Def Jam,... Read more