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Kevin Hart is Breaking the Mold For Comedy Superstars. He Reveals How He Does It (Video)

Over the last few years, Kevin Hart has become comedy's hottest superstar. And, like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy before him, he is blazing a new path for what it means to be a comedy mogul. For Hart, that translates to not only keeping his comedic appeal sharp,... Read more

All Eyes are on Rihanna in the Video for What Now (Video)

Is Rihanna the Madonna of this generation? The comparisons are all there: monster sales--check; boundary-pushing--check; sex-as-a-weapon--check. But, to compare the 2 would be to do both a disservice. Madonnna was the Queen of Pop in her time and now, it's Bad Girl Ri-Ri's time to shine. Her latest video, What... Read more