AFH Ambrosia for Heads


Lupe Fiasco’s Words I Never Said is one of the best tracks on the album. Check out the new video.

The video is just as intense as the song. If you're quick enough on the pause button, you'll peep the QR code Lupe sticks on the bus (and again on a wall later in the video--click here if that's gibberish). It's a belated Easter egg from Lupe. Here's the video:... Read more

Most covers of current songs are wack or ok at best but XV really goes in on Lupe’s Words I Never Said track.

Dude really just murders it. Props to them both for elevating hip-hop with intelligent lyricism. Words I never said... Click here to download.... Read more

Lupe Fiasco’s new single Words I’ve Never Said is typically brooding and introspective. He stays true to his voice.

Skylar Grey's vocals on the hook and the rock vibe give it a KiD CuDi/Eminem/B.o.B.-type feel.  Check it out.... Read more