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Why Kanye West Will Be JAY-Z’s Billionaire Brother

Five weeks ago, Forbes determined that JAY-Z has become the first Hip-Hop artist to reach billionaire status. The Roc Nation figurehead with an elaborate and diverse investment portfolio spanning streaming platforms, champagne, ride-share services, and much more. The milestone accomplishment follows a longstanding race between Jay and collaborators Dr. Dre... Read more

Kanye West Gets Passionate About Making People’s Lives Better (Video)

Daytime television interviews with Kanye West are nothing if not entertaining. The Hip-Hop icon whose influence has for years merged with the worlds of fashion, politics, and the media has never been a proponent of censorship, making him one of the more unpredictably exciting subjects in interviews like the many he's... Read more

Kanye West Previews a Brand New Song Featuring Vic Mensa and Sia (Video)

This is a big week for Kanye West. He performed not once, but twice at this year's Grammy Awards, both solo and with Rihanna and Paul McCartney. He later created a bit of a firestorm by taking the awards show to task for not respecting true artistry. Today (2/12), he... Read more