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Yuna Rocks A DJ Premier Track Better Than Most MCs Do (Video)

Wanderlust - the overwhelming desire to travel - may be one of the most relatable concepts in the human experience. Whether geographically or otherwise, thoughts of arriving elsewhere can be freeing or suffocating, and Malaysian singer Yuna explores that dichotomy beautifully in her DJ Premier-produced single "Places to Go." Having... Read more

Listen To The Best Hip-Hop of February (& January) 2016 In One Playlist (Audio)

The month of February brought many surprises in Hip-Hop. DJ Premier partnered with ambient songstress Yuna, for some boom bap vibe music. Blu rocked on a 45 King track reminiscent of "Hard Knock Life." Kendrick Lamar and Ice Cube got funky with Funkadelic. The Game waxed poetic with nothing but... Read more

DJ Premier Does For Yuna What He Did For D’Angelo. Made A Soul Classic (Audio)

Yuna has enjoyed an extensive career over the last decade, crossing over from Malaysian Pop into a flagship artist at the storied Verve Records imprint. She has worked with The Neptunes (both Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, individually), and Sa-Ra Creative Partners' Om'Mas Keith. On her new single "Places To... Read more

Yuna – Live Your Life (Remix) ft Theophilus London (Video)

Here are some visuals from singer Yuna, who is quickly becoming a rising force in chillout music. The song is the remixed version of Live Your Life and features a short verse from Theophilus London. Check it out. Related: Yuna – Video Playlist and Interview (Video)... Read more

Yuna – Thinkin’ Bout You (Video)

Yuna has done some beautiful covers of songs over the years. Here's another one. Check out her interpretation of Frank Ocean's Thinkin' Bout You. She records various vocal parts on the fly to create a lush set of background vocals. Related: Yuna video playlist including a cover of Nirvana's Come... Read more

Yuna – Video Playlist and Interview (Video)

Yuna is a special artist. I first heard her when she did a haunting cover of Nirvana's Come As You Are. A few weeks ago, I also had the opportunity to hear her sing live and was blown away. Here's a video playlist of some of her performances from Billboard,... Read more

Pharrell Talks to Miss Info About His Recent Inspirations (Video)

Here's a video of Pharrell talking about where he is in his career as well as his recent musical inspirations. Check out the interview and some of the music from the artists below. Here's music from some artists he's been feeling, as well as Glory, his latest collabo with... Read more

Palate Cleanser – AAFH (Playlist)

We asked you a couple of days ago what non-hip-hop music was your favorite right now. Not surprisingly, the responses were INCREDIBLY diverse.'s a palate cleanser playlist for you that incorporates some of the artists you mentioned. This is a dark, meditative, beat-driven playlist inspired in part by Halloween... Read more