Reflections on Trayvon Martin (Playlist) and a petition to prosecute his killer.

I’ve been searching for a song to capture my feelings around the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin and lack of prosecution of his killer but I haven’t found one. It’s probably because I have a multitude of emotions ranging from rage to sorrow to reflection. Here are some songs that capture some of my sentiments in bits and pieces. This is not meant to be a commentary on Trayvon Martin’s life. I don’t have the right to speak on that. It is not suggesting violence or any discrimination against any group, either. George Zimmerman, Martin’s killer, acted alone and AGAINST the instructions of the police. Some of the music is however a reflection of MY feelings about when the lives of our youth are tragically cut short at the hands of another and when justice is not served. More importantly, this is a call to action. If you believe George Zimmerman should be brought to justice and have not done so, please click here to sign a petition calling for his prosecution. Holler if ya hear me.

Trayvon Martin playlist and petition call to action

TM by Parfit on Grooveshark