2DBZ: Bring the muthaf*cking Rawkus!

Here’s a great article from 2DBZ on the rise and fall of Rawkus Records. Check out the intro to the article below, as well as a re-post of our Rawkus Records playlist below. Click here for the full article. Also, click here to see where Rawkus landed on our list of the 20 most important hip-hop record labels of all time.

Here’s the intro:

“There was a point in time when I, along with many other rap fans, thought that Rawkus Records was an indomitable force to reckon with within this volatile music industry. A powerhouse of a record label that soared over the terrain of both indie and majors, and to think, Rawkus was also an indie label in it’s early years. Established by childhood friends Brian Brater and Jarret Myer in 1995, with $10K from their combined savings account, the two Brown University graduates struggled with brand identity, putting out a variety of music genres that ranged from drum-n-bass / jungle to rock and other forms of electronica. Luckily for the two, they were friends with creepy media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s son, James. Brater and Myer drew up a business plan that eventually landed them some financial stability with the help of James Murdoch, and the label would go on to sign their first Hip-Hop act, Company Flow, despite slight uncertainty from the group. Continue Reading

The Rise and Fall of Rawkus Records