Oddisee’s New Single Is An Homage To Perseverance In Black America (Audio)

Next Friday (February 24), producer and rapper Oddisee will be dropping The Iceberg, an album delving into serious subject matter like oppression, racism, and politics. Calling the LP “a plea for humanity to dig deeper in search of understanding and common ground,” it will be the first LP from the Washington, D.C. in two years (though his third release in 12 months). Already, he has released “Things,” which he called “a mission statement for the album”, and “Like Really,” two singles tackling the complexities of life from the perspective of someone trying to make sense of the world.

Oddisee Releases A Blistering Song Questioning A System That Is Stacked Against Us (Audio)

Today (February 15), Oddisee drops the third single, “NNGE,” featuring Toine. In it, he reports from “Black America,” where obstacles are commonplace and perseverance is a means of survival. “Just get up every time somebody knock you down, and celebrate in front of people like they not around,” he raps. He acts as a cheerleader of sorts throughout the song, celebrating and encouraging the oppressed as if to remind them that, despite a social order doing just the opposite, they have somebody in their corner. Standing for “never not getting enough,” “NNGE” is triumphant and celebratory, which makes it a nice complement to “Like Really,” which is blistering and unforgiving in its critique of America. Such a multi-dynamic offering promises to permeate all 12 songs on The Iceberg, which Oddisee hopes will “unfurl to expose the complexities of individuality and identity: how we see ourselves and how others see us.”

Arriving via Mello Music Group, The Iceberg will be supported by a massive world tour kicking off in early March. Click here for a full list of dates.