Big Boi, Run The Jewels & Danger Mouse Dare Competition To Keep Up (Audio)

Since 2013’s “Banana Clipper,” Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike has cemented the fact that even with his latest brand of music, mentor Big Boi fits into the fold nicely. On single, “Kill Jill,” Daddy Fat Sax welcomes Mike Bigga to his lates party-starter. The Dungeon Family vibe is alive and well, without simply relying on nostalgia.

It is a season of collaboration. “Chase Me,” a single from the Baby Driver soundtrack is a stellar standalone cut. Themed around a Reservoir Dogs-style bank-heist, the aggressive song challenges everybody to catch up…to the getaway car and to the level of style and flare R.T.J., Big Boi, and producer Danger Mouse (Gorillaz, Black Keys, A$AP Rocky) are throwing down.

Big Boi, CeeLo & Organized Noize Unite For A Dungeon Family Reunion (Audio)

While Danger Mouse got a name from The Grey Album and co-founding Gnarls Barkley, he began as a Providence, Rhode Island-based producer who celebrated Hip-Hop of all styles. While CeeLo is not on the cut, this shows the Mouse is still in the house.