Your Old Droog Makes a Video and It’s Not Nas…Do You Believe? (Video)

The plot thickens around the identity of the mysterious Your Old Droog. For weeks there has been speculation the rapper was actually Nas. That theory was advanced in a very

Episode 1 of Black Jesus is Here. What’s the Verdict? (Video)

Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder’s new series, Black Jesus, premiered on Adult Swim earlier this week. The show is set in present day Compton and features a Black Jesus who curses,

Ray Donovan Episode 1 (Full Video)

If you have Showtime and Ray Donovan hasn’t made it on your radar yet, it’s worth a look. Similar to shows like Breaking Bad, Homeland and The Wire, the characters

J Cole – Born Sinner: Kay Cole (Vlog)

J Cole has been on a great run as of late. From the increasingly popular single, Power Trip to the equally impressive visuals for the song to the release of his stellar,

DJ Jazzy Jeff – Vinyl Destinations Ep. 1 (Video)

After dropping an extended trailer, DJ Jazzy Jeff releases the first full episode of his Vinyl Destinations video series. In this clip, Jeff and Skillz take us from Philly to

PAC DIV – The Series Ep. 1 (Video)

PAC DIV are the latest to create a web series…and they’re off to a good start.  In this first episode, you get an inside look at their home studio, beat-selecting