Your Old Droog Makes a Video and It’s Not Nas…Do You Believe? (Video)

The plot thickens around the identity of the mysterious Your Old Droog. For weeks there has been speculation the rapper was actually Nas. That theory was advanced in a very compelling 30+ minute video by producer Marco Polo arguing that Droog was in fact Nas, among other places (including here at AFH). Simultaneously, various outlets have asserted that Droog is not Nas and a picture of what was alleged to be the real Droog surfaced. Now, the subject in that photo has made a video of himself rapping and, while he still sounds eerily similar to Nas, it is clear he is not Nas. Of course, people lip synch on videos all the time, so the controversy likely will not definitively be resolved until Droog’s debut performance in NYC on 9/3, but the video is very convincing. Take a look below as he kicks another dope verse. Do you believe? Either way, is this good or bad for Hip-Hop?

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