Here’s A Supremely Compelling Case For Why Your Old Droog IS Nas (Video)

As the debate about the identity of “Your Old Droog” rages on, one of our readers put us on to this supremely entertaining and compelling video from Marco Polovision as to why “Droog” unequivocally IS Nas. Marco painstakingly and quite hilariously lays out dozens of connections between “Droog” and Nas, complete with vintage footage from Nas interviews and films. He points out the ties between “Droog”/Nas and Large Professor, Sasha Jenkins (Ego Trip & Mass Appeal), Mac Miller and more, as well as countless lyrical hints and inconsistencies (e.g., the 24-year old “Droog” makes references to the 80’s from the vantage point of a 40-year old…). Whether you believe Nas and “Droog” are one (and you should), this is one of the most engaging videos you will watch in quite some time.

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